Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mari's tote bag!

Here are some pictures of my grand daughters tote bag. The idea to make a bag to carry her music books to class came to me last January. I was checking out a needlepoint store in Salt Lake City and among the many painted canvases I found a picture of a violin! Just perfect to stitch for Mari who plays the violin. I decided to make the bag and sew it on as a pocket. Here she is showing off her birthday present : )

I have been working on an overlay X-Stitch pattern for my daughter. I think it will look great when it is done. The last name will be stitched over the established 2005.

I finished this bobbin lace mat last month. I love the shades of purple in the thread so have decided to make a scarf out of the same material. It will be a long term project for sure!

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