Saturday, February 25, 2012

Winter Lace Conference Projects 2012!

Here are the lace projects I worked on at Winter Lace Conference 2012 held in Costa Mesa, California!

The first piece is Withoff Lace worked in very fine thread : )  This little piece took me several days and I still didn't finish!  (but it was fun anyway)

My second class was  Hinojosa Lace, sometimes called "Witch Lace"  which comes from Spain.  I started this sampler designed by our teacher with different techniques on the lace.

My third class was actually a Milanese lace class but I worked on a Torchon Fan created by the teacher.  My goal is to eventually make every one of her fans that she has designed!
The fan below is Torchon which is a French lace.  I just started as you can see : )

Finally here is a picture of my completed Milanese Fan!  I am so proud of it : )

Two fans done,  two in progressions, and one to go!!!