Saturday, February 25, 2012

Winter Lace Conference Projects 2012!

Here are the lace projects I worked on at Winter Lace Conference 2012 held in Costa Mesa, California!

The first piece is Withoff Lace worked in very fine thread : )  This little piece took me several days and I still didn't finish!  (but it was fun anyway)

My second class was  Hinojosa Lace, sometimes called "Witch Lace"  which comes from Spain.  I started this sampler designed by our teacher with different techniques on the lace.

My third class was actually a Milanese lace class but I worked on a Torchon Fan created by the teacher.  My goal is to eventually make every one of her fans that she has designed!
The fan below is Torchon which is a French lace.  I just started as you can see : )

Finally here is a picture of my completed Milanese Fan!  I am so proud of it : )

Two fans done,  two in progressions, and one to go!!!


  1. What thread did you use on that Milanese piece? I'm just learning and frustrated that the thread sizes listed on patters are impossible to find.