Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finished wedding piece!

I can finally post a picture of the X-Stitch wedding pattern on my blog since the wedding is over and the gift has been given : )  I usually do not do handwork for anyone other than my children but this piece was for a dear friends daughter who grew up with my children. 
I loved the pattern and when I finished it took it into my local X-Stitch store, Needles and Niceties to have it framed by Bob.  I was very pleased with the frame choice and love it!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Winter Lace Conference Projects 2012!

Here are the lace projects I worked on at Winter Lace Conference 2012 held in Costa Mesa, California!

The first piece is Withoff Lace worked in very fine thread : )  This little piece took me several days and I still didn't finish!  (but it was fun anyway)

My second class was  Hinojosa Lace, sometimes called "Witch Lace"  which comes from Spain.  I started this sampler designed by our teacher with different techniques on the lace.

My third class was actually a Milanese lace class but I worked on a Torchon Fan created by the teacher.  My goal is to eventually make every one of her fans that she has designed!
The fan below is Torchon which is a French lace.  I just started as you can see : )

Finally here is a picture of my completed Milanese Fan!  I am so proud of it : )

Two fans done,  two in progressions, and one to go!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Princess Sophie's blessing dress!!!

Well I finally finished it!!!  My first crocheted blessing dress and just in time for little Sophie Anne's blessing day at church : )  Here it is!  (as well as pictures from that special day!)

It turned out perfect and actually fit her : )  I have found a new addiction and just LOVE thread crochet!  Hope to start a Peter Pan type collar soon for my daughter Shannon and then maybe doing the other baby dress in the pattern book : )