Saturday, February 27, 2010

Acorns and Threads

I had to show pictures of a fantastic X-Stitch store I found in Portland, Oregon called Acorns and Threads. It is a fairly large store filled with all kinds of threads, patterns, accesories, as will as finished projects displayed on the walls. The owner is wonderful and the store is very organized.
So much fabric, threads and patterns! I went crazy but kept my buying to some patterns, Bohin needles, and an Acorns and Threads project bag.

I loved this store! If anyone is ever in the Portland area you need to go see Acorns and Threads!

Now that I am back from the lace conference I am working on my rotation of projects.
The first one is for my Aunt Mimi and since I took this picture I finished the rest of the lettering and am working on the first corner. I hope to have it finished next week.

I started back on my last Christmas sheep and am finally working on the background. It is progressing slowly.

I also worked on two surprise projects that have to remain pictureless until they are done.
That is all for now!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I started a drawing class last week and thought I would post my first attempt here. I found out recently that my mother had done some drawing and watercolor when she was young but quit after my sister and I were born. I also have a very talented father-in-law whose watercolor paintings have always interested my creative spirit. I thought I might give it a try and I did enjoy my first class.

I was able to spend all day Saturday stitching with friends and did get more done with the
"River" X-Stitch. I also worked on a piece for my aunt by JBW designs called "A Tribute"that I plan on making into a pillow when it is done. I am also working on a Hummel "The Goatherder"
and put more stitches into it. If you are wondering what part of this little goatherder I worked on it was his suspenders and shorts : )

I sewed in the ends and made the collar for the baby sweater so it is all done!

A friend from our X-Stitch group asked me if I would make a pillow out of her finished piece and I did finish that this week. I love the pattern (Little House Needlework) so she gave me a copy of it. Thanks, Cristin!