Sunday, February 7, 2010

I started a drawing class last week and thought I would post my first attempt here. I found out recently that my mother had done some drawing and watercolor when she was young but quit after my sister and I were born. I also have a very talented father-in-law whose watercolor paintings have always interested my creative spirit. I thought I might give it a try and I did enjoy my first class.

I was able to spend all day Saturday stitching with friends and did get more done with the
"River" X-Stitch. I also worked on a piece for my aunt by JBW designs called "A Tribute"that I plan on making into a pillow when it is done. I am also working on a Hummel "The Goatherder"
and put more stitches into it. If you are wondering what part of this little goatherder I worked on it was his suspenders and shorts : )

I sewed in the ends and made the collar for the baby sweater so it is all done!

A friend from our X-Stitch group asked me if I would make a pillow out of her finished piece and I did finish that this week. I love the pattern (Little House Needlework) so she gave me a copy of it. Thanks, Cristin!


  1. You are amazing!! I see why you need a separate blog. Wow. I am trying to figure out what I do all day...

  2. You take care of Kate and Henry : ) as well as train for a triathalon! Oh and you also prepare and show Kate. I used to show the goats and that took up all my time. When I sold them I found something else to take up my time : )
    Thank you Nancy!