Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Blog!

No, I am not looking for more work : ) I had been thinking that it would be better if I kept another record of my handmade creations and display them on this new blog. Then if my creative friends want to see just my finished projects they can come here, instead of going through all the family news.
Below are some of my finished projects:

This is a X-Stitch pillow that I finished for my close friend. It is a Lizzie Kate pattern stitched on 32 count linen mostly 2 over 2 with a few of the words being 1 over 1. I didn't even have to go out to buy any fabric as I used what was in my stash to make the border and back.

These are two tote bags that I sewed. The first one was for another close friend for her birthday.
(both of their b-days are near Christmas : ) It is hard to see from the picture but there are the words faith, hope and courage that are part of the pattern fabric. The second bag is for me.
(amazing feat since I rarely finish anything for myself)

I finished these two X-Stitch ornaments for my new grandsons for their first Christmas. (thats Luke with his ornament : )

I crocheted this hat for my grand daughter Marielle. I found the pattern on line at Crochet Pattern Central in the hat listings. I thought it was so darling! I added a button to the middle of the flower which was my own touch.

Here is a picture of one of the many finished knitted head wraps that I did. (I did receive permission to post this picture of my daughter Julie wearing my finished creation, with Luke of course : ) I had three more requests to knit some and I also intend to alter the pattern and maybe create one of my own. They are very simple to make.

I thought I would post a picture of my Bobbin Lace girl and how it is progressing. I started it
right before Christmas so am pleased with my progress. I have several X-Stitch and Needlepoint patterns of lacemakers that have sat around for too long. I decided that this year I will try to work on some and finish them . One of my many commitments for the new year : )

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  1. Just looove the pillow and purses! So jealous on your sewing machine skills! I'm just a novice on this, but you seem to know much more than me! =)
    Absolutely adorable daughter and baby! Beautifil family!
    Hugs from sunny Brazil!