Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Deadline Looming

One of my daughters best friends is getting married this coming Sunday. This means a deadline is looming as I decided one week ago to X-Stitch this cute pattern for a gift. I am actually doing well and will be done with it on time, I am just concerned about the framing that needs to be done.
I do not enjoy doing my own framing but certainly did not leave anytime for a framer to get this done so its up to me. We will see.......

Two finished Projects! (well almost)

The first is my bobbin lace girl. As you can see she is nearly done. All I have to do is the outline stitching !

The needlepoint project below is the second out of three Christmas sheep that I have finished.
I stitched the wool on the three sheep different (turkey stitch, french knots, and just loops) This one has the french knots and metallic background. Now I am on to the last sheep!

Now that I am back I have been working on my Bucks Fan every night. I am almost done so if nothing interrups me I will be showing it off at Winter Lace Conference. Yeah!


  1. Hi, Colette! =)
    Congrats on the new blog!
    I also love L*K.No doubts its gonna be a lovely weddig gift!
    Your bobbin lace girl looks awsome! Great work!Who is the designer? First time I see this design... love it!
    And this lace work is mindblowing, girl!Both thumbs up for you! I don't think I've enough coordenation to make anything nearly close to it! Perfection!
    Big hug from sunny Brazil!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Janaina.
    Glad that you have joined our group!